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Nickisha's fashion dos and don'ts
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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
11:04 am


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December/Janurary: snowman issue

Matrix snowman! Need I say more? FASHION DO!

We still can't stress this enough. Never go out without your head! Labeled: Fashion don't!

aaww he's fenced in =( But he's got amazing fashion! Look at the top hat and scarf he is sporting. Fashionably Fenced. Fashion do!

This one has weird eyes...fashion don't!

A family of snowmen!!! YAY! Fashion do! Cause they're so cute <3

Next time: Fashion do's and don'ts of food.

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
10:34 am

Well the November issue turned out to be all signs. Here ya go...

I'm hot, I know it, I shop at A.E. and show it! This will be labeled as a...FASHION DO!

Now onto the signs!

Pike Place has hella good food, HELLA fashion do!

The name screems fashion do! Hello

Nuvo...what to say? FASHION DON'T! They don't know what they're talking about the girls that work there are really fugly. Screams fashion don't.

Now these people know what they're talking about. The sign is nice and cute, the girls aren't fugly, and the products kick ass! FASHION DO!

Ice cream=orgasm! So it's obviously a fashion do, anyone who begs to differ will die at the hand of my ice cream cone.

Now I'm not sure about this place, but the name is interesting enough to pull me in next time I'm out. So it's a potential fashion do!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
10:26 am
Just catching up! October...

And here lies the very first Nickisha's fashion dos and don'ts article!&nbsp; Yes I am updating this in January, I changed the date to corrolate with the date it was originally posted.  Well here it is...

Looking like a robot is totally in. Fashion do!

Everyone knows that all the cool peeps hang at the e-bar. So it's a total given, FASHION DO!

Fashion don't! Never ever ever go out without shaving. You'll look like a beast. Always shave before going out, Fashion do!

Fashion don't! This is what happens when you eat bad food. It's always fashionable to eat healthy. "A good body never goes out of style"

I don't care what you're into, this is a definate fashion don't! Knitted thongs are a NO NO! If I ever catch you wearing one I'll squirt you with water while yelling "NO BAD DOG!" FASHION DON'T!


Ponchos are out and so is going out without your head so that a total FASHION DON'T!

Now it really depends with these Ugg boots. Some girls can pull these boots off, like one or two, the rest of you need to stop wearing them. You want to look stumpy?!? FASHION DON'T!

Accessories can add to an outfit, but this girl needs to put on an outfit. That measuring tap is not an accessorie. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! FASHION DON'T!

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